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For many past years since the launch of paintball marker game, winners of great tournaments have always attributed their victory to not only their efforts and skills but mostly the type of marker they use. Tippmann A-5 marker is just another perfect gear when it comes to paintball games.

If you are familiar with the excellent 98 Custom, then this is an upgrade of it. The marker features highly improved features that support further advancement from various accessories. It offers the first leg into any competition from its high level of performance regarding reliability, accuracy, ease of use and most importantly, durability.

Tippmann A5

Who is it for?

The A5 is a paintball gun with suitable features for both the beginners’ and the intermediate player groups. However, it could be best for a player who wishes to invest in a paintball gun that will last long while delivering effectively. For those who consider upgrading from the Tippmann 98 Custom, this should be your next considerable and promising option.

Why The A5?

As mentioned above, every game needs proper and recommendable gears. This is a great paintball play gear that comes with premium features that increases your game enjoyment. It utilizes a cyclone feed system and an air powered hopper system independent of battery power which is very active.

It high firing rate of 15 balls per second is just remarkable. Upon an upgrade such as the installation of an electric firing mode, the marker functioning is even better. This product does not need many updates as its self it is already compactly constructed with the quality feature.

How does It work?

How the machine operates is what defines its effectiveness in delivering to its user. Same way, with the A5, its functionality can be explained regarding its firing mode which in this case is semi-automated and can lay down 9 to 15 balls per every second that counts. This rate is a factor of how fast you pull the trigger.

Many of the gamers like the woodsball players prefer the rate. However, others prefer adding the E-Grip system or the Response Trigger System which combines to the overall shooting rates. By installation of the E, triggers allow for one shot or an entire auto-firing mode which is best enough for speedball players or Close Quarters Tactical Combat.

Unlike the 98 Custom paintball gun with a barrel inch size of only 8 inches, this weapon comes with a much higher size, 8.5 inches which offer effectively long range averaging to 150 ft. However, if you wish to have a much longer range, you can go for a 14″ barrel extension which most serious pro players use.

The Apex 14″ extended barrel offers a wide selection of curve, spin, and drop preferences that enable you to seamlessly adjust to your shooting styles. Along with the extra weight on the structured metal, the front grip increases stability to the whole structure. Even in its vanilla form, you can notice how and why this is an excellent gun easily upgradable for extreme precisions.

modified a5

Custom Mods

The A5 just like many Tippmann paintball guns gives allowance to various molds as well as upgrades through a broad spectrum of accessories. Many pro players prefer upgrading this base level gun, fantastic mid-high end paintball marker, into something more useful and excellent in its delivery.

The current market has no shortage of the very best accessories you will ever prefer. There are kits available to change the operation mode of your marker to resemble various real guns including AK-47, M4A1 or the ops MP-5 SD. The ever prevalent Tippmann A-5 is usually the one with the E Grip. It bears an excellent ability to switch between single and full auto shots essential when covering firing situations plus to close tactical combat.

One more advantageous fact about Tippmann A5 is that it has an inbuilt Cyclone Field System which will not require you to add more feed to the electric hopper. In essence, the main areas you may need an upgrade may include the E trigger, body kits, optics and the barrel.

Best Common Accessories:

  • Response Trigger
  • BT Apex 14″ extended barrel 
  • Flatline Barrel 
  • check
    E Grip (allows full auto)
  • check
    21″ Sniper barrel (amazing for snipers/support players)

Features of the Basic A5:

  • Aluminum Body
  • 8.5” Barrel
  • Co2, HPA air or nitrogen driven
  • check
    150 ft range
  • check
    Upgradeable and Customizable 
  • check
    Switch to change from safe to fire mode
  • check
    Low Profile offset 200 ball capacity hopper for better field visibility
  • check
    20-inch total length 3.1 lbs.

The 3 Basic features of an e-Grip

  • Allows for a three position switch which allows you to change modes on the go conveniently.
  • The e-Grip has a magnetically prompted Hall Effect Trigger
  • Five firing modes up to 15 Balls per second.

Pros of the A5:

  • The Tippmann A5 is easy to disassemble and assemble paintball gear. You need no tool. It only has three removable bolts which hold it together. 
  • Dependable and durable, some refer to it as indestructible 
  • Can operate for long periods of time without needing oil servicing. 
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    Accepts numerous upgrades which are always available for more customization such as the Milsim. It receives recognition to be the most customizable guns available in the market.
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    A5 comprises the Cyclone Feed system- an Air Assisted Loader System which feeds paint at a rate of up to 15 BPS.
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    It requires no use of batteries but runs on either HPA or Co2. The operation mechanisms of the piston involve gas /air which pushes it to rotate the cyclone – meaning, no need for batteries. 
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    Its E-grip model system is operated magnetically with Hall Effect Trigger. Note that the basic model can be improved to have such a trigger.
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    Great price
  • check
    Best fit for beginners from its elaborate features

Cons of the A5:

  • Loud
  • Relatively heavy at 3.1 lbs.
  • The PSI vary. It is never consistent and often fluctuates by plus or minus 10. Using Co2 escalates the problem.
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    It has a small stock barrel which influences short-time porting hence offering the paintball lesser time to speed up.

Closing remarks

Tippmann A5 servers as one of the top listed mid-range paintball marker in today’s market. The product comes with quality features including; great sturdiness high durability and high reliability which altogether makes it unconditionally user convenient. It best suites beginners with a great thrill in wanting to have usefully long-lasting play gear.

Still, there are pro players who prefer using the Tippmann A5 despite their high skills. The situation crops due to numerous lucrative upgrade packages that are available in the market. Therefore, instead of buying a new improved model, they only go for the accessories’ bundles which often comes with discounts or bonuses.

If you are still not sure whether this marker is the right one for you, get a recommendation from your playmates who use them. You can’t miss at least one to help you get the indeed fantastic performance it offers. At least you will even have time to test it in advance.